Melanie Dobson in Danurasana or Bow Pose

Grace.  Such a beautiful word.

Over twelve years ago, in my first ever yoga class, I experienced profound peace and wellbeing flat on my back in savasana (corpse pose).  I felt grace—and got hooked on yoga.  As I dealt then, and continue to deal with a chronic autoimmune neurological disease, my yoga practice provides greater balance, limits pain, and helps me to walk—even with a limp—with strength.

The yoga mat is a ground of grace.

As a registered yoga teacher  (RYT-200) and ordained pastor (15+ years experience) in the United Methodist Church in Charlotte, NC, I offer space for others to experience God’s unconditional flow of love—also known as grace—on the mat. In my weekly yoga class at the church, I incorporate scripture (almost always the lectionary text for that Sunday) with yoga poses that reflect a life-giving theme. It’s really a sermon in motion.  The content of most blog posts are on this scriptural theme, with a reference to a key or peak yoga pose.

I also include a few healing recipes based on the Paleo diet (gluten/dairy/soy/sugar free)—a diet which I think has stabilized my debilitating disease and brought me greater health.

No matter the suffering, whether from a chronic disease, or anything else, we can indeed choose to live fully. God redeems suffering through the deeper life and love that we share out of it. May you flourish.

Standing on the ground of grace with you,


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